In October 2001 we went to Australia for the first time. The travel group then existed off four persons: Peter and I, my mother Jantje and Peter’s sister Els. The goal of that travel was visiting family at several places along the East coast and see as much as possible of Queensland . Both objectives have been accomplished.


We started in Brisbane and then travelled the route: Byron Bay , Stanthorpe, Bundaberg, Emerald/The Willows, Mackay, Airlie Beach , Cairns . We saw much and experienced so much that it felt like three months. It was almost six weeks. And in those six weeks we got to know a bit of Australia ; the fragrances, the colours, the people, the animals and that immense space and tranquillity. It was love on first, second and third sight. What a country.


And from the first moment during that first travel we knew all that a moment would come that we would want to go back to Australia . To "the land down under". Back ‘home’. Because Australia gets under your skin and once you are away you are going to miss it.

And therefore we return. In October of this year, exact three years after our previous travel. This Internet site reports of that travel, of the preparations, of the plans and once we are in Australia this Internet site will let our family and friends know how we are doing in the Land Down Under.

We wish you much pleasure at reading. And if you want contact, now, soon or later... click then on the contact button for the guest book and the e-mail options. We do appreciate your response!

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